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Anne Miranda Holmes is the author of the novels |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피 Unethical Practices and |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피 Rum Do, and the one-act plays |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피 An Unhelpful Complication  |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피(finalist in the 2018 Canadian National Playwriting competition) |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피 |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피and That’s Nice |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피.

A former journalist and Londoner, she now lives on an island off Canada’s west coast. She writes regular |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피 rants about politics and environmental and social justice issues. |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피

Although she generally agrees with her alter ego |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피 Tilly Arbuthnot that Tweets R 4 Twats, she does occasionally post interesting articles and can be followed on Twitter |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피 @AMHolmes711. She can also be visited on |셔츠룸|텐프로|풀싸롱|울산오피 Facebook.


If you enjoy her blog and would like to help her buy the occasional bottle of prosecco, you can make a donation here.

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