Simple Forex Trading Strategy

Almost every successful trader when he was asked about his strategy, he said “Keep it simple”.

If we look, then the strategy used by successful traders is a simple strategy. This means the strategy is not too complicated and easy to use as an example you can learn the simple way through Vortex assets.

Is it possible for a simple forex strategy to generate profits while a complex is not necessarily a profit?

Very likely! Even more likely when compared to complex ones. The reason:

Simple strategy does not make traders confused, thus minimizing the occurrence of mistakes made traders. Simple strategies do not get traders trapped in the focus circle of analysis. A simple strategy facilitates trading of a trader so as to keep the mental from damage. You can learn a simple strategy through platforms like Vortex assets.

Therefore for those of us who currently use complex but not yet productive strategies, immediately switch to using a simpler strategy. Elements in the simple strategy is one of them is simple analysis. So a simple strategy is usually more focused on the strength of money management.

Example of a simple strategy:

  1. Simple blind strategy

The rule of thumb is to select a currency that moves in length, for example GBP / USD. Then open the hour time frame chart. You need to know that the average movement length of GBP / USD 1 hour is 30 points.

How to play:

Open position in every new open price … Read More

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